My Story


Hello Everyone! And Welcome to my Sweet Escape!
My name is Sara Taylor and I am passionate for organic skin care. I am the owner of Sweet Escape Skin Care by Sara Taylor located in Bethany, Oklahoma. I realized my calling for the beauty industry in 2012 and became an esthetician in 2013. I didn't know skin care specialist was something I could do until after I wandered around in college for 2 years . I originally wanted to become a makeup artist when I started beauty school in San Antonio, TX. Once I started learning and training more in skin care, I learned that the treatment room was where I belonged! I learned how to do facial and basic body massage, masques, identifying skin concerns, how to treat conditions, wax facial and body hair, and extract comedones(my favorite) plus many more!

This blog and website will be all about skin care and my journey with y'all as we discover all the awesome things the beauty industry has to offer. My goal is to help build this industry and to help my customers get amazing organic skin care more easily from a true source. I work with Eminence Organics and would love to share it with as many people as possible and help you get the skin care that will make a difference. I chose Eminence Organics because its ingredients are simple and pure and are delivered in such an effective way. I can literally feel peoples skin change throughout a facial with these products. The aromas are not added fragrances but are just real organic ingredients. Everything is made from fruits, veggies, spices, and plants. There are a lot of other amazing organic and mostly organic skin care lines out there. It is impossible to know them all. Eminence is one of many amazing lines and I hope can at least serve as a guide line to help you find whatever skin care is best for YOU! You are unique as well as your skin and no one is exactly the same. You may like everything I use or you may like only a few, and that's OK. My goal as an esthetician is for my clients and customers to be happy with their results and enjoy the products they use.

Just a little background on my own personal skin issues: So growing up, my sister and I were always assisting each other with our pimples, as well as rub each others feet before bed, so we became quite the novices for basic reflexology and extractions. I got bad acne in middle school and tried all kinds of things to control it, which in turn made it worse. I was using too much of everything. I went to a dermatologist where they put me on a topical acne cream and was recommended Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer with SPF. So, my acne got worse before it got better, as I was informed this. That is all I did with my skin growing up. SPF in my moisturizer was a big game changer. Its one of the simplest things we can do to protect our skin and keep it young and healthy. In my teen years, I wasn't even very aware that my spf was saving my skin. I was always running around for something, whether it be sports or school events or church activities. So a big thank you to SPF! And SPF is just one of the many topics I will cover in my sweet skin blog. 

Now, my skin is normal to combination. I have some broken capillaries on my face already that I am pretty sure is from picking as a teen. My skin is slightly sensitive and does react and turn red easily. I get the hormonal breakouts although I would hardly call them breakouts, as I've learned to take care of them now. I started using eye cream at about 22-23 yrs old and I recommend start using one around at least 18 yrs old. My lifetime skin care goal is to keep my skin healthy and  looking like it does right now for the rest of my life.  :D 

Finally, I was reconnected with my skin obsession after college and found out I could make a living cleaning peoples skin, removing blackheads and clearing whiteheads, and helping them relax and feel beautiful at the same time. I love skin care because not only is it relaxing like a massage but I feel that I am helping people feel better from the inside out and helping them escape the world for a bit. I feel that facials are a great therapy. Not just therapy for the skin but for your mind as well. You are physically correcting concerns and preventing new ones, giving you less to worry about, peace of mind going out in public without makeup on and just being able to focus on being yourself.

Please feel free to message or leave comments. Any advice or constructive criticism is welcome. No mean things. There's enough hate in the world, lets create some love.