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2018: The Year of #SkinGoals

Happy New Year! 
Thank you all for sticking with me this long and for being patient while I balance life, a skin care business and all the social media that can come with it. I have got a few goals set for myself for this new year and some will be included in this post to help you get to your best skin! These are little and big habits you can include into your daily routine that will help improve your skin and keep it refreshed and glowing all year round. This is the year of #SkinGoals...

Sweet Escape Skin Care Turns 2!

       Did you know it takes up to 2 years for a pineapple to grow? And what do you know my little skin care business has grown in to a tall sweet pineapple.  Sweet Escape has officially been open for 2 years now! I still have lots of growing still to do. This year's theme has definitely been growth.  My inspiration, knowledge of the business and beauty world, clientele, and menu have been slowly but surely growing well these past two years. It was time for an refreshed and updated look...

Dermaplaning 101

What is Dermaplaning?

I was recently trained in and have been practicing my new favorite skill, dermaplaning! I just wanted to give you guys all the details on this new treatment and why it is so awesome! My skin feels so good and I feel it has really been perfected by this treatment. I have slightly sensitive skin and am prone to broken capillaries and this treatment is so incredibly good for my skin type. Actually, it is good for all skin types! 

Dermaplaning can also be referred to as Epithelial Leveling. Dermaplaning is a physical...

My Favorite Sun Care Products!

  So, yes, I am a stickler about SPF.


   It is seriously one of the easiest things anyone can do to keep their skin younger, longer. It doesn't have to be the most expensive as long as it works and doesn't irritate your skin. Any time we are outside or on the lake with friends, I like to bring plenty of extra sunscreen because I love to share! I also enjoy trying new sunscreens and am always curious to see what other people like. 

Before you read this list you must...

Guide to Toners

  Why toners are beneficial to every skin care routine    

       Toners have many names and can benefit you in many different ways. Mists, fresheners, essences, tonics (toniques), astringents and even lotions are all different names for toners. They all have the same essential benefits but depending on their ingredients can be customized to your skin type and routine. 

  • Toners remove any residue left behind by cleansers and can remove excess oil, dirt and makeup.
  • They restore your skins natural pH (5.5) which will help your following products be absorbed better. Water has a...