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There are quite a few things in skincare that you usually want to avoid while your pregnant. Luckily, with Eminence Organics, everything is pregnancy safe. From the natural retinol alternative to the salicylic acid that is derived from willow bark. 

Here, I am going to go through some of the best pregnancy skin care products and a few of my personal favorites, that can help with issues from melasma (aka pregnancy mask) to the crazy hormonal breakouts.

Best Eminence Organics products for hormonal breakouts:

All the Eight Greens! My personal favorites are the Eight Greens Phyto Hot Masque weekly and the Eight Greens Youth Serum daily. The phystoestrogens in these help to balance the skin, regulate oil production, and reduces bacteria causing breakouts. The hot masque is detoxing to the skin and gives you a great glow. The serum will help to give you a lightweight hydration while reducing breakouts and even hormonal redness. I use these even when I am not pregnant because I still tend to get breakouts around my period. 

BONUS: The Eight Greens collection is full of antioxidants, which will also help improve the signs of aging! 

The Clear Skin Probiotic collection is wonderful and safe to use while pregnant to help with inflamed acne and also helps to reduce scarring. Tea tree and cucumber calm and soothe acne, while a probiotic yogurt helps to gently exfoliate, hydrate, and lighten scars.  I love to use the Clear Skin Target Treatment to really zap anything that pops up. It helps to immediately take down swelling and redness, making it less noticeable. If you tend to pick, this is also a great product to help prevent yourself from doing that! 

Pro Tip: Mix the Clear Skin Probiotic Masque with the HOT Eight Greens Phyto Masque for a icy spicy clarifying treatment! It feels so good and your skin will love it.

Best Eminence Organics products for melasma:

Melasma can be hard to treat while pregnant but can definitely be reduced and prevented from getting worse. The number one thing is SPF, SPF, SPF!  The sun and heat will just make it worse, so be sure to avoid those as much as possible. Anything from the Bright Skin collection will help to reduce the darkening of the pigmentation and even out the skin tone. It uses stone crop and licorice root to brighten and balance. The Natural Hydroquinone Alternative is made from African potato and tara tree to brighten the appearance of skin without the use of dangerous chemicals. The Bright Skin Day Cream with SPF 30 is perfect for reducing hyper-pigmentation and protecting from further damage.  

If you tend to be more sensitive, anything from Stone Crop collection is going to be super healing, hydrating, and brightening, wonderful for discoloration as well as redness. I love the Stone Crop Masque and the Stone Crop Gel Wash.  This gel wash is so gentle, it can even be used on babies!  

Extras: It is still safe to use any Vitamin C from Eminence, as I use and love the Rosehip Triple C + E Firming Oil.  In your night time routine during pregnancy, you can also use the safe and natural retinol alternative that is in the Bamboo Firming Fluid.  These are great to prevent and correct the signs of aging. 

All of these pregnancy safe products (plus more) will be featured on the front page for this month. Even if you are not pregnant, these are great for those lovely hormonal imbalances. Adult acne, hormonal breakouts, pregnancy mask, it all sucks. These products will help you get your glow back, safely and naturally. 

As always, I am happy to answer questions and do a consultation with you to help you find the best products for your skin. 

Sweetly yours,


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