2018: The Year of #SkinGoals

Happy New Year! 
Thank you all for sticking with me this long and for being patient while I balance life, a skin care business and all the social media that can come with it. I have got a few goals set for myself for this new year and some will be included in this post to help you get to your best skin! These are little and big habits you can include into your daily routine that will help improve your skin and keep it refreshed and glowing all year round. This is the year of #SkinGoals ! 
Please stay and enjoy a product review on the Foreo facial cleansing device and I will be doing some comparisons of it with the Clarisonic. Check out my front page for the Top Ten Products of Sweet Escape that is my spa's best selling Eminence Organics Skin Care products. These are not the company's top ten but the best selling products that I have
sold to most of my customers being from Oklahoma.

2018 #SkinGoals Resolutions

Double Cleanse: 

Double Cleansing is very effective for removing your whole day off your face and gentle enough for all skin types. It removes dirt, excess oil, impurities, makeup, pollution, all things that can increase signs of aging.  This is a simple step that can easily be added to help improve your skin and get better results out of your products. It is like sweeping before you mop.  Check out my post on double cleansing and cleanser suggestions in my Sweet Skin Blog named "Double Cleanse, My Friends."

Adding a Serum or Oil to your routine:

 A serum is super concentrated and is smaller in molecular size so it is able to penetrate deeper into the skin to treat your specific concerns. It is a powerful step for correcting aging, dehydration, any kind of spots, inflammation, or acne.  A good facial oil should be non-greasy, full of antioxidants, and give you a nice healthy, out of the sauna, glow. I love the Rosehip Triple C + E Firming OIl because its great anti-aging and brightening even for sensitive and breakout prone skin.  Even oily skin can use the right facial oil to actually balance out oil production and keep the skin hydrated. Because even oily skin can be dehydrated. 

Stay hydrated, Eat right:

 Drink more water. It does so much for your whole body than just keeping your skin healthy.  Water helps with lots of bodily functions like digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. It helps the skin get the nutrition that it needs. Skin also gets these nutrients from what you eat. So keep that in mind. I know I always get a holiday breakout and I know that it comes from me eating a lot of junk. My glow is diminished and I look and feel sluggish.  I will be working on my diet this year for sure as well as drinking more water every time I get a chance. 

Excercise! : 

Exercising gets the blood flowing and is great for circulation all over the body including the skin!  This is definitely something that I have noticed has greatly effected my skin. I haven't been working out for a couple months now and my belly, face, and skin are showing it. Once upon a time, I was really good about running and doing some yoga at home and my skin was so glowy! I have got to get back into that habit and this is such a good time for me to start, after all the holiday rush. Side note: The holidays can be so hectic for me, it is impossible to start on something new. So that's why New Years Day/Week is just a very convenient time to sit down and make realistic goals for myself to improve my whole well being and to become a better woman than the year before. You can always set goals for yourself anytime of the year. 

Masking Weekly/ Using a Hot Mask : 

A hot mask is way great way to exercise the skin and bring circulation and blood flow to the surface. A hot mask can also detox and kill bacteria in the skin. Masking weekly is a great habit to do to maintain the skin in between facials. Masks can be a really fun way to treat certain issues in the skin and improve skins tone and texture. Eminence Organics masks are super potent and always smell amazingly yummy.  Sweet Escapes' top selling masks include Hot Eight Greens Masque (aka hot date mask), Clear Skin Probiotic Masque, Strawberry Rhubarb Masque, and Lime Stimulating Masque.  

Regular Facials: 

Getting regular facials (monthly is typically best) by a professional can really help you treat specific skin care concerns and give you a nice deep clean and exfoliation that can renew your skin and keep it looking young and clear. A lot of things like combating acne or correcting dark spots/sun damage can take time, patience, and consistency. Regular facials can deepen the treatment of the skin and you are provided with tips and suggested products that best fit your skin. Facials even help your skin transition from season to season.  Facials are a great way to maintain skins youthfulness while relaxing and reducing stress.  I have another blog post that goes more in depth called "Why Monthly Facials"   about how facials will really improve your skin and life. 

Don't Pick, Spot Treat! :

Even if you have decent control over any breakouts, you will still tend to get one big zit or one big breakout from time to time. This can happen because of stress or something you ate or a filthy phone, whatever it may be. So the key to preventing more breakouts and spreading bacteria is to not pick at it and to spot treat immediately . Whether you spot treat with a clearing mask or serum, a good spot treatment will also help immensely. The Clear Skin Spot Treatment  from Eminence Organics is an amazing spot treatment that will reduce any redness, swelling, and irritation, and will reduce the risk of scarring. I will be honest here and admit I have always enjoyed picking. It is a habit I have struggled with for a long time and this is one thing that helps me a lot. It prevents me from wanting to pick at it and also helps it go away faster!

So, if you are like me and either enjoy picking or do it as a nervous habit, this can help improve both kinds of skin picking habits. 


Foreo Review 



Over all, I have really enjoyed my Foreo Facial cleansing device! I love my bright and happy color. You can customize the vibration on it. It charged really fast and I have heard of the charge lasting forever so I am currently testing that. It makes my skin so smooth without irritation, it is super easy to clean and store, and it stills gets my blood circulating and gives it a deep clean. I like to use my Stone Crop Gel Wash with this or a really nice oil cleanser.  I have been able to use this twice a day as to where I could only use the Clarisonic once a day. 

Now for the Clarisonic, it did serve me very well. It gave me a really deep clean and was great for reducing my pore size. It lasted me a good 4 years and had a great charge on it.  It was however, too much on my skin to use twice a day so I used it once a day or every other day sometimes. I do think that people can over use it and don't take the time to get the right brush head. The brush head can make a big difference. Some people don't even take the time to change or clean their brush heads so that's not good. No worries like that with the Foreo, There is no need to change or buy more brush heads and the silicone does not let bacteria grow.  I still definitely recommend rinsing it after every use. 

As far as how easy the device is to hold, the Clarisonic to me is easier to hold. Now I am not saying that the Foreo is incredibly difficult to hold but you do have to find whats comfortable for you. 

These are my own personal reviews and I am not getting anything for this review from any company. 


Thank you for all of your support, whether it be feedback, buying product, liking and sharing content or just reading my skin care tips and adventures. Cheers to y'all and to a happier, healthier, and brighter new year!! 


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